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4 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Residential Pressure Washing Service Provider

While it's possible to pressure wash your home yourself, the process can be downright dangerous if you aren't already an expert pressure washer. Hiring a pressure washing company like Judge Mobile Wash to do the legwork for you will not only minimize the risk of an accident, but you'll benefit from the use of high-quality equipment that is sure to outperform any consumer equipment on the market. Following are a few important questions to ask before choosing a residential pressure washing company to work with:

What Can Be Pressure Washed?

While you can expect every pressure washing company you consult with to offer multiple types of washing services, they likely won't all offer the same exact services. Whether or not there are specific things you would like pressure washed on your property, it's important to ask prospective service providers what they can and can't pressure wash when they show up to service your property. Make sure that the pressure washing company you decide to hire can service at the least following things:

Your service provider may even be able to pressure wash major tools in the yard, like your lawnmower, so they look and perform better as they age.

How is Each Service Priced?

Just because your service provider can pressure wash everything on your property that you want to be cleaned doesn't mean that you will pay one lump sum for the services when all is said and done. In order to ensure that you're prepared to pay your pressure washing bill, ask the prospective companies you consult with how each service is priced and how you'll be billed for those services.

Some companies may offer a package deal where all their services are included in one service price, but many companies will likely charge you a fee for each service they provide you with. And there is the question of billing – will you be billed all at once, and how long after being billed will you have to pay the bill off?

How Will the Job Site Be Managed?

While working on your property, the pressure washing company you hire should be responsible for managing the job site and you should know exactly how management will be taken care of. Tools and accessories that will be used to pressure wash your home and property will need to be kept track of and kept off the ground. Your gardens, grass, and other landscape features should be well cared for while work is being done, and crew members need access to things like shade and water.

Make sure that the pressure washing company you hire will provide storage for the tools they'll be using so things don't end up strewn on the driveway or on the ground around your home. And the company should have a dedicated project manager as well as a plan of what to do if someone gets hurt on your property while they work.

How Accurate are Your Timelines?

Any pressure washing company you decide to hire should provide you with timeline quotes so you know what to expect when it comes time to prep and clean your property. If your service provider needs some time to set things up and prep your home and other property features for pressure washing, you need to know how much time they'll need. Will they have to come over the day before pressure washing to prep the property, or can everything get done in one day?

Do you need to be home during the cleaning or can your service provider oversee everything themselves? And how long will the actual process of pressure washing your home and other features take? The more you know up front, the less chance you'll have of facing unwanted surprises.

Schedule a consultation appointment with your local residential pressure washing company to learn the answers to the questions outlined here and to have your personal concerns addressed.