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Profit, And Appease Your Tenants By Adding A Laundry Facility To Your Rental Property

If you manage an apartment complex it makes sense to add a laundry facility to your property so that all of the tenants will be able to wash and dry their clothes at their leisure. Consider the perks of adding a laundry facility and seek assistance from the owner of a business that sells and services laundry equipment.

Contemplate The Good Points

If your apartment units don't contain washer and dryer hookups, or if some of your residents are lacking transportation, think about the obstacles that they are currently facing. Clean clothing is a basic necessity that nobody should need to struggle to attain. By adding a laundry facility, you will be keeping your residents happy and will be adding another stream of cash to your earnings.

The equipment that you choose to purchase, and any renovations that need to be made on your property, will essentially pay for themselves as time passes and the laundry facility is utilized each day. And, if you live on the premises, you won't need to put much effort into maintaining and overseeing the laundry facility. Even one of your employees can give you a hand when you are busy with other matters. 

Determine Where The Facility Will Be Added

You need to consider which type of facility will work out best for your and your tenants needs. A ground floor facility will prevent the need to trudge up and down the steps of the complex. Choose to have a facility built onto the existing structure or purchase a mobile building. If either of these options are out of your price range, contemplate turning one of your empty apartment units into a laundry facility.

It may seem inconvenient to eliminate the chance of acquiring a new tenant for the unit, but if you think long term, you will realize that the money that you won't earn by renting the apartment will be earned back through the laundry services.

Contact the owner of a laundry supply business, like Metropolitan Laundry Machinery Sales Inc., to learn about top and front loaders that are energy efficient. Machines can have coin slots installed in them and you will have the capability of raising and lowering the prices as desired. If you are lacking a lot of space, then consider purchasing equipment that is stackable.

After the laundry facility is up and running, install a camera in the facility so that you can monitor what is happening inside of the space when you are busy. Make appointments regularly to have your laundry equipment inspected and repaired if any of the machines malfunction.