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Does Your New Town's Drinking Water Have A Funky Taste? What You Can Do

If you have recently moved to a new city and feel like the water tastes a bit different, then you may be wondering if the taste has anything to do with the quality. The good news is that usually it doesn't, but don't just take anyone's word for it. From visiting your local water treatment center to drinking bottled water, this article will list a few ways you can either ensure your water is safe or just deal with a new situation. Read on to learn more. 

Visit Your Local Water Treatment Center

Are you worried about the safety of the water that's coming from your tap? Are you scared that the water you are drinking is somehow contaminated? If so, then visit our local water treatment facility and take a tour. Most water treatment facilities have certain times where they offer tours to the public so that they can see how their water is treated and purified before it turns into their drinking water. While you're at the water treatment facility, don't hesitate to ask them questions about the treatment process and voice any concerns that you may have. If you feel like they're not doing their job to their best ability, then contact the head of the facility and see what steps you can take as a citizen. 

Buy a Filter

It used to be that the only way to get filtered water in your house was to buy it. Luckily, times have changed, and you can now buy filters that attach to your own water tap so that every time you turn on your water, it runs through a filter. 

Buy Bottled Water

If it's the taste of the water that's getting to you more than anything, then consider buying some bottled water and keeping it in your fridge at all times. Although bottled water isn't good for the environment or your wallet, it may be worth drinking it until your pallet warms up to the new taste of your local tap water. 

Moving to a new town can be hard in many ways, and having different tasting drinking water can really stir things up. If you want to learn more about how you can adjust to new drinking water or how you can ensure that your drinking water is safe, contact your local water treatment center today and schedule a tour, or contact a water treatment company like Olympic Springs Bottled Water