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The Present And Coming Medical Staffing Shortages: Is Your Facility Ready?

Currently, there is a medical staffing shortage in many hospitals, clinics, and home healthcare agencies. It is not going to get any better in the next seven years, either. In fact, numbers are expected to jump into the hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals needed, and with so many others retiring or getting out of the profession altogether, it is only going to get worse. Is your facility ready? Here is how you can prepare to meet staffing demands ahead of the major shortage.

Medical Staffing Agencies

Nurses and home health aides are leaving clinics and hospitals for the higher wages offered by staffing agencies. As an HR person for a hospital or clinic, you are probably hiring back the same people that left your facility for the staffing agency, only now you are paying the staffing agency the higher wages these people wanted in the first place. Most medical and healthcare professionals prefer the agencies because they can pick and choose their shifts, receive better benefits, work when they want to, and receive much better pay.

It keeps these professionals in the workforce, even if it does not keep them in the same facilities. Your facility can hire these "temps" to fill all open positions until such a time as you are able to fill the positions with non-agency staff. Given the current and projected shortages, you may need to utilize "temps" indefinitely.

Recruiting, Training, Educating, Certifying, and Licensing Staff

Another possible solution is that your hospital or clinic dedicate the time, money, and effort to train new staff. When you promise free training, paid education, certification or licensing, and a very generous recruiting bonus, more people are likely to come forward and accept your offer. Just make sure that the people you recruit are able to to meet the requirements for obtaining the bonus, and that the requirements are easy to meet. Otherwise, your recruits will leave before they are able to complete your requirements and receive their bonuses.

Recruiting Staff from States with a Surplus

Despite the current and projected medical staffing shortages, there are a couple of states with a surplus. These extra professionals are looking for a job, but may be reluctant to relocate. If you want to recruit these people, pay to relocate them, find them an apartment or house, and give them a signing bonus. Then they are more likely to accept your offer.