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Summer's Almost Over: How To Protect Your Boat When Storing It Outside

If you've recently purchased a boat and you're going to be storing it in your yard this winter, you'll need to take steps to avoid problems. Storing your boat at home during the winter is an inexpensive way to keep it safe and secure. However, it's not without its risks, especially if you aren't prepared for the storage process. Now that you've decided on home boat storage, here are four steps you'll need to take to keep your boat well-protected all winter long.

Give It a Good Cleaning

Whether you'll be storing your boat outside or in an enclosed storage unit this winter, you'll need to make sure you start off with a thorough wash and wax. Leaving dirt and grime on your boat all winter long could destroy the finish. Not only that, but it could cause your boat to wear out faster than it should. To protect your boat from winter harm, always wash and wax your boat from stem to stern.

Remove the Interior Electronics

When it comes to boat storage, you might not think much about the electronics you have on board. Unfortunately, overlooking the electronics could lead to serious damage. In fact, leaving electronic devices onboard your boat this winter could end up leaving you without those devices come spring, which means you'll need to replace them all before you head back out to the water. Make sure your electronic devices survive the winter by removing them and placing them in protective storage until the weather warms up again.

Close Off the Exhaust Ports

If your boat has exposed exhaust ports, you'll want to make sure they're closed off before your boat goes into storage. You might not realize this now, but those exhaust ports will make the perfect nesting area for rats, mice, and even squirrels this winter. Unfortunately, once those pests are in the exhaust ports, they'll have the opportunity to destroy your boat from the inside out. Before you put your boat into storage for the winter, be sure to close off the exhaust ports.

Keep a Cover on It All Winter

If you're going to store your boat outside this winter, you'll need to invest in a good cover. Keeping a cover on your boat during the winter will protect it from the rain, snow, and dirt. However, it will also help protect it from theft, trespassers, and vandals. Protect your investment by placing a cover on your boat and keeping it there until spring arrives.