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How To Make Your Business's Wi-Fi Seamless And Safe For Customers

Customers have come to expect Wi-Fi connectivity whenever they enter certain types of businesses. Whether it's a shopping mall or a restaurant, when a customer is likely to spend a significant amount of time in there, being able to access a high-speed internet connection will probably be important to them.

Although many businesses have made efforts to provide wireless internet for their customers, many of these connections suffer from issues such as:

How can you set up a system for your business without having to worry about these problems?

Choose the Right ISP

A good internet connection starts at the source. This means that having the right internet service provider gives you a good platform from which to offer a reliable internet connection for your customers.

In this context, a good ISP is one that will be able to offer you enough bandwidth to meet your customers' needs with very limited downtimes.

Have the Right Hardware

You may have the best ISP in the business, but that will not make a difference if your hardware doesn't have the capacity to handle the bandwidth provided or the number of people who'll be accessing your network at the same time.

It's not unusual to find businesses that use consumer-grade hardware to provide internet connectivity. Although this may work for a relatively small business, the connection will suffer at some point, especially if the business grows.

Simple Log in Process

A simple log in process is a sure way of making the experience a positive one for your customers. In some establishments, you are required to provide a lot of information to gain access to the Wi-Fi. Not only is this intrusive, it's also time-consuming. An email address or phone number should suffice. Asking for more might lower the quality of the experience.

Enhance the Network Security

Security is becoming a major concern for many people who use the internet. Logging into certain Wi-Fi networks has been known to leave users' devices and information vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, you should ensure the security of your network by taking actions such as:

Many customers will not connect to your network unless they feel safe when using it. A managed IT services package can help you address the changing standards for business internet security and reliability, without the headache of learning what technical specifications are relevant and how to implement them.