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Rent a Themed Photo Booth to Use During Your Wedding Reception

It may seem like it is taking forever for your wedding day to arrive. Before you know it, it will be here and you may be so caught up in the moment that the ceremony and reception will seem like a whirlwind of excitement and joy. Don't let your big day pass by without preserving the moments that you spend with your loved ones and friends. A wedding photo booth will provide unlimited opportunities to capture unique shots.

Choose an Open or Closed Booth

Open booths are non-restrictive and will allow you to take photos in any part of the reception area. This will make it convenient for you to take pictures of large groups of people, as well as ones that only include you and your spouse or immediate family members. A closed booth contains a curtain or door and may remind you of the photo booths that you used to see at the mall or another public venue.

Unlike standard booths, you will be provided with ample standing room, and some booths may contain a sitting/standing area. Booths utilize distinct themes. For example, if you would like to add a nostalgic touch to the pictures and would like them to represent an era that has passed by, choose a booth that produces black-and-white photographs.

If you would like photographs that include a fantasy vibe, choose a booth that contains a magic mirror backdrop or that has faux unicorns, castles, or rainbows included in the setting where the pictures are being taken.

Encourage Random Group Shots

Even if you have already hired a wedding photographer to take formal photos, it will be very intriguing to use a booth so that you can provide everyone with the opportunity to be included in whimsical pictures that portray the highlights of the reception. Right before your guests are going to eat their dinners, make an announcement. Let the attendees know about the booth and point out where it is located.

Tell everyone that you are interested in taking photos throughout the gathering and welcome your guests to come up with some ideas that will provide the photographs with a unique touch.

After the pictures are printed out, you will need some time to decide which ones you would like to hold onto so that you can use them to create a special photo album. Any remaining photos can be given to your family members and friends so that they can cherish the memories that they were a part of.