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Are You A Gal Growing Through A Slump In Your Life?

Do you feel not quite yourself? You may realize that your physical self is in great shape. Yet, maybe you're asking yourself questions like, ​Does what I'm feeling count as depression? or How come I'm not feeling like my usual perky self? Of course, everybody has off days, right? But, if you're having too many of those days, maybe you've decided on being proactive about helping yourself to feel better.

If that's the case, from reading motivational books for women to adding some spice to your life, here are some ideas that might make your world a happier place to be.

Start With Motivational Books - Sometimes it is other women who motivate us to be our very best selves, One way to learn about them is by reading motivational books for or about women. 

Were you raised in a Christian home where you learned about strong and faithful women from the scriptures? Perhaps you have never even opened a Bible before. Whether the scriptures are new to you or whether they will remind you of lessons learned in your youth, think of starting with the Old Testament. Ruth and Esther will help you to be courageous and faithful. In the New Testament, read about Mary, the mother of Christ, who truly exemplifies the best characteristics of womanhood.

Not all inspiring books relate to spirituality. Find out about modern motivational books for women that will help you to celebrate and to develop your individuality. Think of talking to one of the workers at your local library. He or she will be happy to direct you to books that will help you get through the slump you are experiencing at this time. Or, build your own library of motivational books so that you can return to them any time you need a lift. Look for books from places like Heather Hansen Presents to find something to motivate you. 

Add Interest to Your Life - The books you read will more than likely inspire you to take action toward feeling more enthusiastic about life. Think of things you did when you were younger and consider bringing them back into your life. For example, did you love acting in school plays? If so, consider joining a theatre group in your community. Perhaps you were on the volleyball team while you were in school. If you enjoyed that, think of organizing a volleyball team yourself.

Giving service is another way to spice up your life. Maybe you have a real love of animals. In that case, consider volunteering at your local animal shelter. Or, you might have a way of talking to older folks. If that's the case, think of visiting shut-ins at an assisted living home.