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Following The News About Marijuana Legalization: Where You Should Be Looking

Not all news channels cover the news you want to know or hear. In fact, when it comes to marijuana legalization information, you are probably not going to hear too much about it until a bill actually passes all the government houses in your state. If you want to follow this news more closely, here is where you need to look. 

Legislation Agendas

Government houses post the legislation, laws, and bills on which they will converse and rule on a daily basis. If something is tabled until a later date, it will appear on the schedule on another day. If it passes one house, it goes to another to be placed on their agenda for a vote. If something is vetoed but the governor wants it to go another round, it will appear on the governor's agenda for the day, and then pass to the next party. Marijuana legalization may go round and round like this for months before it is finally passed or chucked in the garbage indefinitely. Regardless, all of these government houses are required to publicly post what they will be addressing each day that they are "in house." Follow that for starters. 

"Legalize It" Organizations

These types of organizations are hard lobbyists for the legalization of marijuana. They have websites, and they have a following. Sign up to get all the pot there is to smoke, so to speak. They will post regularly what their activities are and what they plan to do next to push the marijuana bills and legislation through. 

Medicinal Use Clinics

You may not know this, but most states now allow medicinal use of marijuana. A lot of people are surprised to learn this, thinking that all marijuana use in their states is illegal. It is federally illegal, but almost all states now have legalized it at the state level. You do have to have a serious health condition to even be considered for a prescription, but you can talk to the clinics that prescribe it to see how it is being used, what allows these doctors to prescribe it, and where they see legalization going next. 

National News

Local news rarely has much to say on this matter. However, national news is something to watch, considering that so many states are legalizing the recreational use of this drug, and several more are releasing those convicted of marijuana crimes. It is actually legal in the nation's capital, Washington, D.C., even though it is not legal in federal terms, which means that it could become legal nationwide with no restrictions. 

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