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The Importance Of Multiple Fire Prevention Systems: Why You Should Have More Than One In Your Business

Protecting your building and your business involves security measures. Some of these security measures may be related to preventing fires. You should have more than one means of preventing fire and/or putting out fires if they occur inside your building. Here are all of the fire prevention and fire extinguishing methods you should have and why you should have more than one. 

CO2 Detectors

Sometimes the first noticeable sign that something has started on fire is not something you can smell. As fires burn through oxygen, the levels of CO2 are elevated. If the fire starts in a closed room, such as an office where the door is locked, a CO2 detector would sound first and alert you to the fact that there is something wrong in that room. 

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are placed on the ceiling, which means the smoke from a fire would have to reach the detector before it sounds. When used in conjunction with a CO2 detector, which is placed closer to the floor, the CO2 would likely sound first, followed by the smoke detector's alarm. When both of these go off in part of the building, you know that there is a very good chance that there is a fire happening in the vicinity of those alarms.

Fire Sprinkler System

If you have a fire sprinkler system installed, shortly after the CO2 and smoke detectors sound, the fire sprinkler system would erupt. Fire and heat have to reach at least one of the sprinkler heads for this to occur, which is is what would follow the previous two alarm systems. If the sprinklers are engaged, and all erupt in an area of the building, you definitely have a fire problem and everyone needs to evacuate. Be sure to pull the fire alarm on the wall on your way out of the building.

Fire Alarm System

An alarm system is required for most major commercial properties. It will notify everyone in the building that a fire has started, and even though the sprinkler system may take care of it, everyone should still get out before the firefighters arrive. There is still the danger of smoke inhalation or problems with falling parts of the building, which could seriously injure or kill you. Having a fire alarm should never be the sole fire prevention and fire protection system because the other systems could alert people much sooner. The fire alarm system is more about sending a message to everyone in the building; not just those on the same floor as the smoke and/or fire.