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Take A New Approach: How To Choose The Best Dishcloth For Your Kitchen

If you're tired of dealing with smelly sponges, or dishcloths don't hold up, it's time to change the way you clean your kitchen. It's time to invest in new dishcloths. When the sponge or dishcloth you're using becomes too smelly to use, it's common practice to toss them in the laundry. But, that doesn't always get rid of the germs. Not only that, but the germs and bacteria can start to build up in the fibers long before the odors appear. Unfortunately, that means you could be spreading germs and bacteria around the kitchen, without knowing it. That's why you need to take a fresh approach to the dishcloths you use in the kitchen. Here are four tips that will help you to choose the right dishcloths. 

Make Them Multi-Purpose

If you're using different sponges and dishcloths for your kitchen tasks, you need to make a change. You shouldn't need to use a different sponge or dishcloth on different kitchen tasks. The dishcloths you choose should be ready to use on your counters, and on your dishes. In fact, the dishcloths you choose should also be versatile enough to use on your kitchen appliances too. 

Make Them Eco-Friendly

If you still use paper towels to clean up the little messes around your kitchen, your home might not be as eco-friendly as you'd like it to be. That's because every paper towel you toss into the trash ends up in the local landfill. Ordinary sponges and dishcloths might not be as eco-friendly as you'd like either. When you're using your sponges and dishcloths to clean up spills, you need to wash them more often. That's where the right dishcloth comes in handy. When you choose something like a Swedish dishcloth for your kitchen use, you can keep your kitchen clean, and do your part for the environment. Not only are these types of dishcloths made with eco-friendly fibers, but they also stay clean longer. 

Make Them Hard-Working

If your current dishcloth can't stand up to your dirtiest dishes, it's time to make a change. Most dishcloths are made with material that isn't strong enough to really scrub those tough kitchen messes. To give your dishes a deep cleaning, choose dishcloths that are hard-working and durable. 

Make Them Long-Lasting

Finally, if you're tired of buying sponges and dishcloths that only last a couple of months, choose a longer-lasting option. When you choose something like a Swedish dishcloth, you won't have to worry about replacements as often. That's because they're designed to be long-lasting.