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Avoiding Common Repairs With Your Air Compressor System

There are many modern pieces of equipment and tools that will rely on the use of a steady supply of compressed air. As a result, air compressors are a common tool that many people will need to use on a regular basis. Unfortunately, there are some mistakes that people will make with these pieces of equipment that will greatly increase the risk of the air compressor malfunctioning and needing repairs.

Failing To Replace The Air Filter For The Compressor

Air compressors will rely on filters to keep the larger pieces of debris and dust from being able to clog the internal components of the compressor. Unfortunately, this can be a serious problem for these systems, as these items getting inside the compressor while it is running could damage some of the components, which may make repairing the unit more difficult. In addition to the potential risk that these clogs can pose for the unit, failing to keep the filter changed could result in the unit burning itself out. If this occurs, it may actually be more cost-effective to simply replace the compressor rather than attempting to repair it.

Letting The Air Compressor Flood

Flooding is another common source of damage for air compressors that will require professional services to repair. One of the most common reasons for the air compressor to experience flooding is actually due to condensation forming inside the compressor. This condensation can accumulate in the unit, where it may be able to cause significant water damage to the interior components. Making sure that the system's drain is clear or the condensation pan is regularly emptied can significantly reduce the risk of needing to have your air compressor undergo water damage repairs.

Power Surges to The Air Compressor

An air compressor can require large amounts of electricity in order to function. Unfortunately, a random power surge could cause extensive damage to the electrical components in the system. These electrical damages can be very difficult to address, as they may result in needing to replace much of the internal wiring and other components that may use electricity. Due to the difficulty of repairing these damages, it is worth investing in a surge protector that will be able to prevent these damages from occurring to your air compressor. While some individuals may assume that this is only a threat during lightning storms, it is possible for electrical surges to occur at almost any time, and you will want to keep your air compressor protected.

For more information about air compressor repair, contact a local service technician.