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Top Reasons Metal Is A Good Choice In Commercial Roofing For Your Apartment Building

Your choice in commercial roofing for your apartment building depends on the type of roof you have. If your foot is flat, a membrane or spray foam roof might be ideal. When your building has a sloped roof, you could choose asphalt shingles, metal, or tile. Of those choices, metal is a good option. Here's a look at why metal commercial roofing is a good choice for apartment buildings.

Metal Can Sometimes Go Over Old Roofing

Since metal is lightweight, it can go over other types of roofing in certain situations. The roof has to be in pretty good shape so the roofer doesn't cover up any damage. If your roofer thinks covering your old roofing with metal panels is a suitable option, then you'll save money on your new roof since you don't have to pay labor costs to tear off the old materials.

Metal Roofing Goes With All Types Of Buildings

Metal roofs come in a variety of colors, and you even have a small choice in styles of the metal panels or shingles. This allows you to find the perfect roofing for your apartment complex. If you choose white roofing, you and your tenants might even save on energy costs since white metal reflects the sun.

Metal Is Strong And Lasts For Decades

Any type of roof can be taken out by a bad storm or tornado, but when it comes to yearly wear and tear, metal is one of the more durable types of roofing. You get a good return on your investment since the roofing lasts for so long. In addition, when your roof is showing its age, you can coat it in silicone to prolong its life and freshen its beauty.

Metal Is Naturally Fire-Resistant

A metal roof also provides some fire protection for your building and complex. Since fires often spread from roof to roof, you want a roof on your apartment building that isn't combustible. Other roofing materials may have a high fire rating, but metal, slate, and tile are the only roofing materials that are noncombustible.

Installation Is Quick

It takes time to put on a new roof, and that can cause disruption around your apartment complex and parking lot. However, a metal roof goes on fairly fast when compared to other types of roofing for sloped roofs. One reason why is that metal panels are much larger than small tiles or shingles so they cover a lot more space when they're installed.

Metal roofing costs more than some types of roofing, but since the roofing lasts longer, needs few repairs, and makes your building or buildings attractive, the cost is worth it.