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How Virtual Contract Signing Is Changing Bail Bonds

Many businesses are using digital methods to sign contracts and paperwork. This virtual contract signing allows you to review and sign documents through email. One of the businesses that is seeing a change in how they do things by implementing the virtual signing ability is bail bonds. Here are the benefits of this type of service and how it can help speed up getting a bail bond if you are arrested. 


One of the key benefits of using a virtual contract signing option for bail bonds is the ability to be contactless. This is a benefit for several reasons. The first is of course health. If there is a flu outbreak or other health care crisis, you can ensure you are staying as safe as possible by using the contactless virtual contract signing option. Contactless is also idle if the bondsman is very busy. They can put the paperwork together, send it to you, have you sign, and move on to the next person. They do not have to leave the office and you do not have to have someone go to them. 

Digital Payment

Payment options are something that can change slightly when virtual contract signing is used. For example, since everything is handled online and digitally, you may find that your bondsman offers more payment options. These options may include your traditional credit card payments. The payment options may also include popular app-based payments including Cashapp and PayPal. This can make payment easier and give you the ability to use app payments that may be easier to access than traditional payment methods. 

Quick Service

If you have been arrested, your goal is to likely get out of jail as fast as possible. With a contactless virtual signing option from your bail bondsman, you can do that. Keep in mind, since everything is done virtually you are cutting your wait time down easily. For example, you do not have to worry about the bondsman coming to you. You also do not have to worry about somehow getting someone to them. In busy areas and larger cities, this could mean wait times exceeding several hours. With online digital and virtual options, the paperwork is sent and the only wait is for filling it out and emailing it back. 

If you are arrested and in need of a bail bond, make sure to ask the service provider if they offer the virtual signing option. This may also be called the contactless option. If they do, make sure the jail holding you offers you the ability to use the contactless service. Once this has all been confirmed you can move forward with your bail bond and get out of jail as soon as possible.

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