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Options To Consider When You Rent A Leaf Blower

There are all sorts of pieces of equipment that can make various jobs in your yard easier. While it makes sense to buy equipment that you'll use weekly, there are other things that you'll perhaps use only once or twice a year. For these pieces of equipment, renting is a better option. One useful device to think about renting in the fall is a leaf blower. It will allow you to blow your fallen leaves around your yard into one large pile, which you can then spread across your garden, put in your compost, or discard. Garden equipment rental services often have various leaf blower options, so here are some things to consider.

Power Source

You'll want to decide what source of power your rented leaf blower will use. There are a few different options on the market, each of which offers pros and cons. Many leaf blowers have a small gas motor, while others are powered with a cord. If you have a large yard, you might favor a gas-powered motor because you won't have to deal with perhaps multiple extension cords to reach the far parts of the yard. In a smaller yard, it won't be an issue to get the job done with a corded leaf blower.


While a lot of leaf blowers have a compact design that allows you to carry them with one hand, others are larger. The latter type often includes a backpack that you wear. The backpack holds the motor, which makes the device physically easier for you to operate. Think about what design might suit you best. If you feel that a conventional leaf blower might feel a little too heavy for you to use for a prolonged period, the type that includes a backpack might be a better choice for you.

Blower Tube Length

The length of the blower tube can vary between different leaf blowers. Some blower tubes are on the shorter side, while others are extremely long. It's useful to consider your height before you rent this device. If you're on the taller side, for example, you'll find that a device with a long blower tube will be better because the end of the tube will be closer to the ground. If you were to rent a leaf blower with a shorter tube, you might need to bend over a little while you work. To learn more about leaf blowers, visit a garden equipment rental company in your area.