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3 Reasons To Invest In Building Automation For New Commercial Projects

Building automation systems are arguably one of the greatest value-adds for any commercial structure. A well-designed automation system can provide numerous benefits, including increased security, more efficient energy usage, and even reduced staffing costs. However, the relatively high cost of retrofitting these systems causes many existing building owners to delay or avoid installation. 

While retrofitting building automation systems is always beneficial, investing in these upgrades during construction is often far more cost-effective. If you're currently in the planning phase for a large commercial project, here are three reasons to invest in building automation now rather than waiting for future upgrades.

1. Quicker Return on Investment

While building automation offers numerous benefits, few are as valuable as potential cost savings. You can greatly reduce your building's monthly operating costs by saving on energy and staffing requirements. In some cases, building automation systems may reduce overall energy costs by 24% or more.

If you're working on a large commercial project with many stakeholders, these cost reductions can mean a much more rapid return on your initial investment. Accounting for these cost savings during the planning and construction phase may provide a selling point that can help attract further investment and interest in your project.

2. Reduced Operational Inefficiencies

Building automation can serve numerous roles, but data collection and consolidation are among the most important features. Large commercial structures may contain many critical infrastructure systems, from high-tech security features to lighting and HVAC equipment. Monitoring and maintaining this equipment can require substantial human resources and introduce numerous operational inefficiencies.

Integrating automation into your building from the start will reduce these inefficiencies by providing a centralized way to gather and monitor data on energy usage, maintenance, and more. As a result, you'll be able to respond to maintenance and repair issues more quickly, prolonging the life of your equipment while requiring less staffing to do so.

3. Greater Tenant Interest

Building automation is an excellent way to garner more interest and attract higher-paying businesses if you're working on a project that will rely on commercial tenants for occupancy. These systems can provide improved comfort and energy efficiency, making the office or retail space in your building a far more attractive and affordable place to work or conduct business.

The improved security offered by automation systems can be another important selling point for potential tenants, especially those who run high-value businesses. A centralized and automated security system can help provide your tenants with peace of mind, making your building a much more attractive option for business owners concerned about protecting their assets.

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